13 Etudes for Piano

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Welcome, these are my 13 Etudes for Piano. This is a collection of works that I am quite proud of. This was one of my first attempts at composing a lot of solo piano work at once. I liked it all and decided to publish it for your enjoyment.

Preludes Volume 1Preludes Volume 2

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Composing 13 Etudes for piano

I remember working on these etudes. It’s hard for me to remember what city I lived in at the time. However, I do remember how I felt. Depression owned me. I felt down on a daily basis. Though, one good thing that I’ve always had going for myself is dissociation, lol. I’d completely forget what was wrong. That made it easy for me to get over it and continue on.

Mixing the Album

I could have done so much better. Maybe at some point I’ll remix this album. Or, I’ll hire another sound designer to do the mix. Maybe, we’ll see. I think this work would need to have some type of listener demand and industry interest.

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