Rates and Services

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Rates and services for music composition.

Orchestral Score

Orchestral scores are suited for clients creating feature length visual media like films, interviews, podcasts and documentaries. Orchestral score utilizes the full orchestra with strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion. This includes instrument sections and individual instruments. More individual instruments and tracks equates to longer delivery turnaround and higher rates.

Intros, Jingles and Theme Music

Single instruments or multiple instruments utilizing the orchestra or pop instruments. Intros, jingles and themes are suited for clients with a product needing an identifying sound like a signature introduction to a video for a YouTube channel.

Hits, Stabs and Effects

Hits, stabs and effects are suited for clients who need sounds to engage an audience in their media. For example, create a signature sound for excitement in a video or for the comedic sound of shock in video edits.

Individual Track Scores and Themes

Very simple melodies that utilize only one track. This can be a single instrument like a flute or a single instrument section like a violin section. There are no harmonies in this option, just a single line melody, very simple sounds for balance to visual media.