12 Preludes for Piano, Op. 6
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This is my first album of preludes. I was around 25 years old, just got back to Los Angeles after serving a few years in the Marine Corps. What a great decision it was to be done with the corps. That enlistment was depressing me. I couldn't stand the day to day responsibilities of playing along with this game that I had agreed to.

12 Preludes for composers

Nothing occupied my mind more than the urge to create music. As soon I returned to my new home in Los Angeles, I began taking all of my college courses full time as an online student. At first I felt as though being an online student wasn't good enough. Maybe I should move onto campus in order to be respected as a person with a bachelor's degree in music. So much about this situation filled me with doubt. I worked as a bus driver on a daily basis and I barely had time to practice music theory after I got all of my work done.

12 Preludes for depression

Just about every day between my last year as a Marine and the time I spent back home in Los Angeles, I was drinking. Not just a little bit, not just a casual sip. I was getting full. I was getting wasted. Usually, I started my evening with a bottle of wine. If that didn't at least get me tipsy then I would follow it with some vodka. This would help me to forget. What did I need to forget?? Whatever it was that was bothering me.

Composer Harold D. Shores III

12 Preludes for imposters

I like the sound of this title, I might actually record an album and use this.

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