Piano Concerto No. 2

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Piano concerto No. 2 was tough work for me. I had many regrets while composing the work. However, after I was done I was proud to have completed a major milestone. My only regret was not tackling this endeavor sooner. I’d compose a new piano concerto every day if I had the time and the knowledge. This concerto gave me a better glimpse of what is required from a composer. A composer must have a mental library of chords, melodies and orchestration which doesn’t require a reference from an instrument for accuracy. This is probably what slowed me down the most. I need to go back and forward from my piano to my computer to judge whether or not what I was hearing in my head was the same thing that I was entering into my DAW.

Mixing Piano Concerto No. 2

Goodness grace did I have a difficult time with this. When I graduated years ago I thought I had a full understanding of mixing. Clearly, I didn’t. I hadn’t spent enough time mixing different projects and on a regular basis. After several versions of concerto 2, with dozens of mixes, I began to realize the many back sets that I was dealing with from before. In my beautiful Los Angeles abode, I was living in an apartment. As a result, I couldn’t be loud, it disturbs the neighbors. Also, I was limited to about an hour or two of work per day. That wasn’t enough.

Piano Concerto No. 2 by Composer Harold D. Shores III

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