The Godfather Part II

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In the Godfather Part II, we will go into the Corleone history. We will see how it all got started. By the time I watched part two, I became completely invested in the story. After watching part one so many times I wanted to know why I sided with the Corleone family. Why was I routing for a bunch of gansters? They lived a life of crime, violence and murder. Yet, I felt for them and wanted them to succeed in their dark ways. Am I wrong to side with this pessimistic main character?

He’s A Good Guy in a Bad Role

People respected Don Corleone as a Mafia boss. He earned his place amongst the community when he killed the Black Hand who terrorised the neighborhood in New York. This served as a relief to the local people. They began to shower him with gifts when they saw him. Soon enough, people would begin to ask him for favors in return for his protection. What an interesting dynamic. Either way you want to see it, Don Corleone is a murderer. He killed a man. He plotted against a man and killed him. The people of the neighborhood respected him for it.

I’ll Take Care of Everything

This line stood out to me the most from part two. I think about these words all the time. In my mind, a man can take care of anything. Horrible things come his way and he doesn’t panic. He holds his bearing, his temper and his flesh like a solid mountain against the wind. Don Corleone is a powerful character. He speaks so gently but he moves with so much weight. Now that I think about it, I’m not even sure that either of the movies tells us who Don Corleone is godfather to.

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