The Godfather Part I

person holding walking cane while sitting on chair

I can remember the first day that I pressed play on the GodFather Part I. The room was dark in my Los Angeles apartment and so was the opening scene of the film. This introduction did not make so much sense to me. Dialogue was rolling and music was playing but I still had not quite identified what was going on. The texture of the screen and the darkness of the room reminded me of a particular war movie from the 90s. Honestly, I did not like what I saw and heard. The music was a single trumpet. I thought, ‘is that all?’. There was a monologue happening that I didn’t quite believe. So, as you can tell, I was not an immediate fan of the GodFather. I stopped the movie, turned it off and probably watched something else.

On The Day of Your Daughter’s Wedding

So, at some point later in my life I went in for a second try. Maybe I tried again because I had purchased this movie on my YouTube movies account. The opening scene past and I made it to Connie’s wedding. This was some good stuff. Before seeing this movie, I never knew who Marlon Brando was, I had never seen his face. He may have even been mentioned in one of my film appreciation courses and I still did not notice him. So, the wedding was a great scene to me, I love the diegetic music that is also incorporated into the score of the film. This may have been the first Italian song that I’ve heard as an adult. I needed to learn those words, the song bumps.

This Movie Is Kind Of Violent

This is an Italian gangster movie, I had no idea. This was my introduction into the life of the Mafia, cosa nostra. Much of this I had no real knowledge of. After finding out that this stuff was based on real life events, I began studying the Mafia.

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