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Purchase a 1 hour orchestral score for your project.  This option utilizes a full orchestra with string, brass, woodwind and percussion sections.  Choose surround sound 5.1 mix or stereo mix for your delivery.  I compose orchestral scores and mix them in the box with plugins from Spitfire. Occasionally, I utilize other top instrument libraries in the country.  Spitfire Audio is an English technology company based in London, created by composers Christian Henson and Paul Thompson.  Use the most action packed and hard hitting instrument libraries from Spitfire such as Albion One.

Your custom 1 hour orchestral score may include this industry standard orchestral library.  A 109 piece orchestra makes the Albion One instrument library. Sound engineers record the musicians in Lyndhurst Hall at Air Studios in London.

Retain full rights of the finished product as a work for hire.  I require a written agreement before delivering. Interested parties are advised to consider a possibility of sharing royalties and establishing a milestone fee for the success of visual media that the composition may be attached to. Read, share and downloaded all necessary documentation via email.

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