What is the best way to teach yourself Piano

Flyer and graphic art for Composer Harold D. Shores III Piano Concerto Number 1.
Harold D. Shores III Piano Concerto No. 1

1. Buy a piano

If you’re really serious about playing the piano you should have a piano in your home. One other thing that complements having a piano is having a keyboard. This works for hours of the day or night where you want to play but you don’t want to disturb others or it could just be helpful in your practicing.

2. Invest in training

It’s necessary for every piano player to have a coach or a teacher. Even the best piano players have some mentor somewhere in the world who can help them to improve. There are several aspects of playing the piano that require training. Two of them may be physically playing and understanding music theory.

3. Memorize stuff

I don’t know the reason why or the science behind it but there’s something helpful to the brain about a memorizing things. I think memorizing anything could help. You can memorize facts. You can memorize a script. You could memorize a paragraph from an article. You can memorize a new song or you can try to memorize lines from sheet music.


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