Wednesday, October 27th 2021

Starting the day

Well, my computer is misbehaving. I’ve been waiting since last night for these two tracks to export. The line is barely moving. I have too much to do today and this is burning up my time. This will result in an entire work day that I can’t use for my music.

Logic Pro is moving very slowly today.
While I wait….

I’ve felt this same weather before but something about it is different this go-around. This autumn chill suddenly revives this old memory of home that has gone repressed for so many years. I can feel the boots that I wore and the houses that surrounded me and G where we walked in our hood. The more that I reflect on this memory the more it feels like a dream that I may have had from that time. I feel like it’s the internal version of myself hanging out with the internal version of my best friend in an internal environment. I can feel all of them. I can feel my boots. I lived those boots. I can feel G. I can feel the houses and their warmth from outside. I can feel the environment of the street and the way it’s shaped. This little poem is definitely gonna have an excerpt in a coming piano concerto.

Buying food on gift cards from Jewel Osco.

It’s always something

Welp, it turns out that my external hard drive was completely full. I gotta figure out how to back up my files correctly. I think I got my desktop on there three times.

Deleting possible treasure

I deleted a lot of shit. I probably didn’t have to delete as much as I did. I got rid of 500 gigs worth of files. I didn’t realize that I had copied my entire computer plus the one file that is essentially my hard drive. It takes up 900 gigs of memory and I don’t need it. I think my computer is refusing to delete it.

I fee much better tho, I’m able to continue working now, after making some space. So, the time is 10:54 pm, let’s see how much I can accomplish before I sleep.

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