Tuesday, October 26th 2021

Selfie of Composer Harold D. Shores III from October 2021.


I got an early start today. Usually, I’m not fully awake until around 11:00. I hate that so much because I need to get my work done. Right now, I’m finishing the sound design for my first piano concerto. This requires so much work. I never knew just how many hours would be required to finish an album of this magnitude. The work is not always difficult, it’s just time consuming.

At one point my computer would not bounce single tracks in place in Logic Pro. That cost me lots of time. I didn’t realize that it was because the memory on my hard drive was full. I deleted a lot of shit. I hope that I don’t need any of it later. Because of this situation, I have learned that I will invest in physical, external hard drives. The cloud still takes up space on my hard drive and it causes problems which eventually cost time.


Social Media

I’ve gotten a good amount of work done already and I’ve reached a few people. I’m reinventing my press release. Instead of doing it the traditional way, I’m reaching to people personally on social media. These ate people who are connected to classical music pages.

Flyer and graphic art for Composer Harold D. Shores III Piano Concerto Number 1, scheduled for December 2021.
Harold D. Shores III Piano Concerto No. 1



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