Tuesday October 19th 2021

Selfie of Composer Harold D. Shores III in October 2021.
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The first thing that you need to know about me is that in regular speech I use profanity. I am unafraid of words that are normally socially deemed improper. As a result I find myself to be very open to controversial conversations or the conversations that may trigger a persons emotions. Seeing as how it affects my every day life I’d like to talk about race schism particularly racism towards black people


Podcasts and Such

I am at work at the moment at a martial arts gym that I like to teach in in Indiana. On the drive here I try listen to as much as I can that teaches me how to become an independent entrepreneur. Today I was listening to a video on YouTube about selling ads and I realized that my website was way too small and I decided to create more pages. Once I decided to create more pages the idea of creating a diary about my not so interesting life came about.

Sharing Knowledge or not

I can’t help thinking about the conversations that I’ve had with people this past week. They engage me in conversation but are not interested in hearing anything that I may have to say. I’m not so much bothered by it only I continue to think about it. It’s funny as well how people ask for advice but in the midst of me answering their questions and giving them the information that they need they insist on giving me all types of information which I don’t really need.

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