The God Father Trilogy is One Of My Favorites

Flyer and graphic art for Composer Harold D. Shores III Piano Concerto Number 1, scheduled for December 2021.
Harold D. Shores III Piano Concerto No. 1


I have watched all three movies from the Godfather trilogy. I like all three of them. I know that some people say good things about the first one, then they say that the second one is not so good, and then some people say that the last one is just not good at all. I actually love the last one, I think it’s really good. I could sit and watch the entire trilogy take a break start over and watch the entire thing again.


How many times have I seen them all??

I wish I knew how many times I’ve seen the entire Godfather trilogy. If YouTube has some type of analytics for what I watched I posted. Actually I’m going to take a look now and see if there is a record of how many times I’ve watched every movie that I’ve watched on YouTube. I am still a big fan of VHS tapes and CDs and DVDs but I like to watch all of my movies digitally. I like to watch my movies on YouTube and Netflix. I think both platforms a very easy although I prefer YouTube over Netflix.

No YouTube

Currently my Internet service is turned off. That’s what it be like when you’re broke. I want to watch all of my favorite movies so bad but this is also a good thing because I don’t really have time to watch movies. If I have time to enjoy that I have time to work. And I have plenty of work to do.

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