Sunday October 24th 2021

Harold D. Shores III Piano Concerto No. 1

I’m late

I forgot to actually write about Sunday on Sunday. My memory fails me daily thanks to my dissociation. I’ll try the best that I can to remember what the fuck happened yesterday.

I think the temperature in my apartment was really cold when I woke up. I can’t control the heat because it’s governed by steam powered radiators. There is just a knob on each one that I have to adjust and it seems to barely make a difference in the amount of pressure that enters my apartment. The radiator in the living room isn’t even connected to the pipe at all. My first year, the steam would loudly pour into my living room and fog the front windows. I never even considered reporting it to management because they don’t respond to shit that won’t result in a fine for them.

Sunday school

Martial Arts

Some of my best martial arts classes take place in the weekends. The class is normally very small and the students who show up are hungry go-getters. I’m able to teach the things that I know best.

Today I taught a little boy who is 4 years old. Since I’m writing this in the future tense, I can tell you that he won’t be in class on Monday. I am looking forward to seeing how he responds to training with some of the other kids and little babies in our school.

Late Night Work

I listened to my 5th symphony today. I forgot how much I love it. This needs to be published immediately, it’s ready. No changes or improvements are needed. I think y’all will like it too.

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