Saturday, October 23rd 2021

Harold D. Shores III Piano Concerto No. 1

Weekend jiu jitsu

The weekend is my preferred time to teach jiu jitsu at my school. There is not so much pressure to teach things that I have very little experience with. Today’s class was a very good one. The students learned a lot and it seems like they like to learn from me. I taught only one kid today and he was so quick at comprehension. Teaching him was so easy. He is only six years old but he has better rhythm and coordination than some of the older kids and adults.



When I was little I wanted to be the best concert pianist in the world. I still haven’t lost sight of that goal. Today I started back working out my hands in the car in my way to class. They felt good when I got back home and played on my piano a little bit. The stiffness and lack of coordination subsided some.


I’ve got a little bit of money so I’m gonna eat good today. I’ve got $9 worth of chicken, two small pies and a soda. I’m about to enjoy myself.

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