Paradigm Shift

I am pleased to share this moment of rehabilitation with you all. I did a lot of work on the previous version of my website, using some unfamiliar and limited tools. Now, I’m back to a familiar place with WordPress, things should get better from here.

I’ve been really working on my mind lately. If you would have asked me a month ago about my mental state, I would have said that I was healthy and well. This has not been the case. For those of you who have paid attention to everything that I’ve been doing, you’ll know this to be quite true. I’m experiencing a paradigm shift towards life, my career and my finances. I’m not done with myself but I like where things are going and I’m proud of my own work.

Enjoy my new website!! New stuff will be going up, new pages and all. Keep a look-out for my new music. Subscribe, stay connected and go with me on this journey to being the best composer of our time.


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