How do you know when a person is faking a mental illness

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My Brief Backstory

I was diagnosed with two mental illnesses and I had no idea that I was categorized with the “mentally ill” until that conversation with my doctor, when she told me. She also said that the diagnosis was easy. This is how I relate to the topic above. Before this diagnosis I found out about OCD and I learned how people have these obsessions and compulsions that ruled their daily lives. I had those as a kid.

My doctor would ask me what I wanted to talk about each day and a few times I told her that I wanted to talk about OCD in the possibility of me having it. She denied it quickly each time and said I don’t have any OCD and that was the end of that conversation. It really bothered me. This made me feel like I was pretending that I had a history of OCD.

She completely dismissed it. I felt like I couldn’t talk to her about it. And if I couldn’t talk to her about it then I couldn’t talk to anyone else. Who is more appropriate to have this conversation with?? So, with this explanation, I have now arrived to the question, how do you know when someone is faking a mental illness. My answer is, I don’t know. It would be easy for me to ask the same question about myself.

What Would You Do??

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