Friday, October 22nd 2021

Harold D. Shores III Piano Concerto No. 1

Plan of Action

Of all the responsibilities that I have an of all the things that I should be doing one thing that is certain that will happen on Friday is I will go roller skating.



I haven’t decided how hard I’ll train on Friday evening. Lately I’ve been training the adults basic class in the children’s class and I would train with the students that I teach during those two classes. I think I may do the same thing Friday. I don’t wanna stick around for too long , I have things to do.

It’s Friday

I’ve been awake for only two or three hours and I’ve spent way too much time on social media already. TikTok is overly addicting. And I know why. I if I just stay there I get a fresh new something with every swipe and I don’t know what it’s going to be. It’s like a roulette of food and I get to sample it I get to take a bite and if I don’t like it I swipe and see what else comes up. It’s like gambling but I don’t need any money and I’ve been a fit a little bit from what I get to sample. Also if I like something I get to attach myself to it and rip partial benefits to how everyone else responds to it.

I remember how vehemently I rejected the idea of logging onto my space and creating an account. It was my little sister they got me started with social media. I was always the one that rejected the norms are rejected things that everyone else did because I wanted to be different from everyone else that I was around especially in high school. So, I think I can do without social media I could log off of everything I could delete every account and live my life perfectly without ever having been involved in social media. But since I need a following to make my career work I have to be involved with social media. I have to. It’s not an option for me as an artist. I have to be involved with social media I had to develop a fan base so I gave to use it.

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