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Composer Harold D. Shores III

Conductor of the San Bernardino Orchestra

There are many modern day composers alive in America who compose music in a regular basis. I am one of those composers. I like to separate myself from the others because I have a monumental sense of pride and other self centered and boastful emotions.

In most social circles, we are required to be humble about our talents, our skills and ourselves. I disagree. I spent years studying to learn the skills required for me to turn the symphony in my head into one on your streaming device. For those reasons and many like them, I like to call myself the best if our time. Enjoy.

Because of publishing weirdness (primarily my lack of knowledge) I have two artist accounts on all streaming platforms. Each button links to a different profile.

Flyer and graphic art for Composer Harold D. Shores III Piano Concerto Number 1, scheduled for December 2021.
Harold D. Shores III Piano Concerto No. 1
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